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Server Memory Ram

Server & workstation Memory modules by Micron & Crucial, caters to all your needs. Be it speed, reliability and performance, you can surely have it installed for your upgrade, install, configure a new server or workstation. Broadly, we have to offer FBDIMMs (Fully Buffered DIMMs), RDIMMs (Registered DIMMs), LRDIMMs (Load-Reduced DIMMs).


SO-RDIMMs, specailly designed for Industrial Laptops and workstations. Unbeatable performance and reliability.
DRAM Part Technology Density RoHS Comp. Count Depth Width Pin Count Op. Temp. Data Rate Speed CL Voltage Comp. Config ECC Module Ranks Module Rank Register
SORDIMM MT18HTS25672RHZ-80E DDR2 SDRAM  2GB  Yes  18  256Mb  x72  200-pin  0C to +85C  800 MT/s  PC2-6400  CL = 5  1.8V  256 Meg x 8  ECC  Dual Rank  Single Rank  Parity 
SORDIMM MT9HTF12872RHZ-80E DDR2 SDRAM  1GB  Yes  128Mb  x72  200-pin  0C to +85C  800 MT/s  PC2-6400  CL = 5  1.8V  128 Meg x 8  ECC  Single Rank  Single Rank  Parity 
SORDIMM MT9HTF6472RHZ-667 DDR2 SDRAM  512MB  Yes  64Mb  x72  200-pin  0C to +85C  667 MT/s  PC2-5300  CL = 5  1.8V  64 Meg x 8  ECC  Single Rank  Dual Rank  Parity 

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