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Double Data Rate Fourth-Generation or also called as DDR4 has greater range of available clock speeds than its predecessor DDR3, High-speed DDR4 SDRAM modules use DDR4 SDRAM devices with two or four internal memory bank groups. DDR4 SDRAM modules utilizing 8-bit-wide DDR4 SDRAM devices have four internal bank groups consisting of four memory banks each, providing a total of up to 16 banks. DDR4 SDRAM modules benefit from DDR4 SDRAM's use of an 8n-prefetch architecture with an interface designed to transfer two data words per clock cycle at the I/O pins. A single READ or WRITE operation for the DDR4 SDRAM effectively consists of a single 8n-bitwide, four-clock data transfer at the internal DRAM core and eight corresponding n-bitwide, one-half-clock-cycle data transfers at the I/O pins. DDR4 modules use two sets of differential signals: DQS_t and DQS_c to capture data and CK_t and CK_c to capture commands, addresses, and control signals. Differential clocks and data strobes ensure exceptional noise immunity for these signals and provide precise crossing points to capture input signals.

It typically has data transfer rates of 2133MT/s and 3200MT/s that are being manufactured at our facility as of now.

4GB ddr4 3200MHz
ItemCode SDRAM Capacity Buffer ECC PIN DIMM MHz PC-Speed CL Module Density DQ
DLD4GD4-32 DDR4 4GB Un-Buffered Non-ECC 288 Long 3200 PC4-25600 22 512Mx64bit x64
DSD4GD4-32 DDR4 4GB Un-Buffered Non-ECC 260 SO 3200 PC4-25600 22 512Mx64bit x64

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